Kathryn Lejeune- Founder, Producer

Kathryn studied Film Production and Cultural Anthropology at Occidental College in Los Angeles before serving as Creative Director at Davis-Panzer Productions. In early 2012, Kathryn co-founded Sueño Documentary Films out of a passion to inspire the world through documentaries that catalyze positive change. An avid traveler, Kathryn also writes for Los Angeles Travel Magazine. She now sits on the Selection Committee of the Cambodia Town Film Festival and is the director of YEAR 33.


photo (21)Janna Watkins- Founder, Producer

Janna earned her degree in Chemistry from UC Santa Barbara and began working with clean water initiatives focusing on underprivileged communities. She co-founded Sueño Documentary Films to create thoughtful and responsible films that act as a positive force in the world. She is on the Selection Committee of  Committee of the Cambodia Town Film Festival.


YEAR 33 is signed with Creative Visions Foundation, a hub where creative activists turn ideas into action and a community becomes a force for change, as well as CineCause who uses cinema to affect positive change in the world.


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