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Just over a year ago, Sueño Documentary Films was formed in my backyard by friends with the desire to actively make a difference in our own dynamic way. The goal was and remains simple: find compelling stories in overlooked communities and share them with the world.


When we started looking for the subject of our first documentary, we had thought to highlight the critical and escalating problem of access to clean water that far too many people face. Our research led us to Cambodia where a majority of the population struggles with clean water issues. However, the more we became involved with Cambodia’s story, the more we were awed by the incredibly tragic history and the inspiring resilience of the people.

Cambodia was once called “The Pearl of Asia” and even had their own wicked style of psychedelic rock before this artistic nation was brought to its knees by a brutal dictatorship in the 1970’s. Since then, unrest and mismanagement has caused Cambodia to grow much slower than its neighbors and today it is one of the poorest countries in the world. In the midst of all this, we found the beginnings of a new art revival with the potential to impact local and global communities.

twoartistsFilming is now completed and we have started post-production on YEAR 33, the story of an art revival as told through the eyes of three young Khmer artists. Throughout our progress we will provide plenty of opportunities to participate in this movement and show your support for our brothers and sisters in Cambodia.

The experience of filming and making friends in Cambodia has been life changing and we are thrilled to bring this powerful story to the international spotlight. Join the movement! Check back regularly on our blog, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter for film updates, production anecdotes, photos, and more.


Director, Year 33