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As Janna and I are running around to meetings and finalizing this and that, we can’t help but reminisce on our time during production in Cambodia. Despite the heat and lack of street signs, we miss that beautiful country every day.

Morimoto Kikuo

Morimoto Kikuo

One location that stuck in our hearts is the IKTT Village, just outside of Siem Reap. There, Morimoto Kikuo has created a simple paradise that is self-sustainable and produces incredible, all-natural, Cambodian ikat textiles. The village is bursting with life: kittens, chicks, ducklings, and pantsless human babies run with unguarded joy through the shaded compound. All around activity is humming as people work contentedly at their spinners, tend a fire, improve a road, and play with their children. They glance up at us occasionally in amusement as we gawk over a beautiful ikat tapestry slowly emerging from a clacking loom or while Janna chases ducklings in between recording sound.

At one point during a break in filming, we joined Morimoto on his balcony for a glass of cool water and a chat. A few young women were quietly painting flowers with graceful, even, strokes while Morimoto lit a cigarette and leaned back in his chair. As we sat silently for a moment listening to the sound of paintbrushes on paper and the weavers’ chaotic rhythms below, I made sure to place the scene firmly in my memory to save for a stormy day. He then leaned forward and in a quiet whispery voice, explained how art is like life, you can never stay in one place or you become stale. But, oh, how we wished to stay there!

You can read more about IKTT on their website. If you’re interested in traditional ikat and sustainable systems, we highly recommend staying at the village for a workshop.

Also we want to say thank you to everyone who has liked our YEAR 33 Facebook page so far! It means a lot to have your support at this early stage. We are so excited for what is to come.

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