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Support indie filmmakers who are actively working to build a better world through advocating inspiring stories.


Sueño Documentary Films, LCC is currently seeking investors for finishing funds on YEAR 33, as well as development and production funds for our upcoming slate of documentaries. We strive to create cost effective films with maximum impact. Please send all inquires to


There are many other opportunities to contribute to our cause! Join The SELPAK to be a part of the movement and stay updated with our campaigns.

We are also looking for talented individuals to lend their skills in these areas:

Sound Mixing

Color Correction

Social Media Marketing


Event Volunteers

Email us at to find out more!



Huge props to all those who have supported us financially, and through donating their time and talents. We appreciate you.

Doris Grace, Hank + Jane Morris, Nicholas Lejeune, Grayson Watkins, Natalie Vartanian, Sally Hope, Sarah Elliot, Alex Wickersham Tony Ivanovich Riga, Karen Knapp, Rick + Jeanne Lejeune, Brittaney + CJ Carpenter, Meaghan Moore, Raz, Deja Ostrowski, Alexis Ostrowski, Dorian Roffe-Hammond, Peter Raspler, Vuthy Chea, Shawn Gray, Andrew Davies, Lena Shim, Tim Anderson, Paula Johns, Robert Belcher, Mary Buelow, Jeremy Weisser, Brian Dombrowski, Vincent Chen, Socatha Ann, Cheryl Tsuyuki, Amber Bock, Lisa Morris, Sara Graves, Stephen Ling, Sophin Zoe Pruong-Mccreery, Susan Watkins, Kimdavy Chheng, Ellen O’brien