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Cambodia is a beautiful country with much to offer despite its dark history and current troubles.



A Pocket of the Past in Battambang, Cambodia

Cambodia’s Art of Survival

Cambodian Artists Respond to Phnom Penh’s Rapid Urbanization

The Battambang Renaissance 

Phnom Penh’s Cultural Revival

Cambodia’s Art Revolution Reaches Global Market

Forest Village Spells Hope for Cambodia’s Lost Silk Culture

ZKB Patronage Prize Goes to Amrita Arts Dance Production


A River Changes Course (2012) directed by Kalyanee Mam

Lost Loves (2011) directed Chhay Bora

Enemies of the People (2010) directed by Thet Sambath

The Killing Fields (1984) directed by Roland Yoffe


“Just a Human Being” And Other Tales from Contemporary Cambodia (Volume 1)
by Teri Shaffer-Yamada

The Last One: An Orphaned Child Fights to Survive the Killing Fields of Cambodia
by Marin R Yann

When Broken Glass Floats: Growing Up Under the Khmer Rouge
by Chanrithy Him

In the Shadow of the Banyan
by Vaddey Ratner

Cambodia’s Curse: The Modern History of a Troubled Land
by Joel Brinkley

Cambodia: A Book For People Who Find Television Too Slow
by Brian Hawcett

Pictorial Cambodian Textiles: Traditional Celebratory Hangings
by Gil Green