NarimWebProfileNam Narim – Dancer 

Nam Narim, a passionate dancer and choreographer, practices both classical Apsara and contemporary dance– a juxtaposition that gives her insight into where art has come from and where it can go. She lives in Phnom Penh with her incredibly close and artistic family, for the love of whom she has sacrificed much.

VietWebProfileMao Soviet – Painter/ Sculptor

Viet is a community-oriented badass whose mixed media paintings and recycled installation art has been featured in galleries all over the country and increasingly abroad, focusing on social and environmental issues. Viet’s dream is to make his sleepy town of Battambang the center for art in Cambodia.

VannyWebProfileChea Vanny – Fiber Artist

Chea Vanny, clever and sweet, designs ikat textiles at IKTT in Siem Reap using an entirely natural and sustainable process. Her complicated and beautiful designs may be fashionable in the US, but it is the desire to keep this ancient tradition alive- and the money she can send home- that drives her to work hard.